Insurance Certificates

We are fully insured. Insurance certificates available upon request. 

We are fully insured for your peace of mind. We carry both liability insurance and workers comp. insurance. All employees have had background checks and are bonded. If you would like a copy of our insurance certificate please call our office at 401-732-7856 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We recommend to NEVER hire a house cleaning service that does not carry liability insurance. You may be putting yourself at risk by hiring such a company. Always ask for proof of insurance before hiring a house cleaning service by asking that the insurance company fax or email you proof of an existing policy so you know the policy is actually in force. Never accept a copy from the company itself. 

Thinking of hiring a cleaning lady off of Craigslist?  Make sure your homeowners policy covers you if they were to get hurt in your home and be sure to check out the laws concerning payroll taxes on your new employee by clicking here

Still not convinced insurance is important?  We often hear potential clients tell us that their homes are safe and there is nothing a cleaner can injure themselves on in their home so our advice doesn't apply to them. Consider the cases below. These are actual cases where a house cleaner was injured in someone's home.

* Maid slips and falls in client's driveway while walking into the home to clean.  Awarded $25,000

* Maid slips and falls walking up client's steps to get into house to clean.  Awarded $32,000

* Maid slips and falls while cleaning inside of tub enclosure. Awarded $1,500

* Maid accidentally drops a bucket of water on wood stairs inside home, doesn't clean it up well and then subsequently slips on the water and falls.  Awarded $4,000

 In all four cases the injury could have been prevented by the maid had she taken proper care.  In all four cases the maid won their lawsuit anyway.  As you can see your home can be perfectly safe and accidents can still happen.  

When hiring a house cleaning service always make sure the company carries Workers Comp. insurance.  If they don't, and a worker gets hurt in your home, you could be held liable for the workers' injuries. 

Always check with the RI Dept. of Labor to see if any company or individual you plan on hiring carries workers comp. insurance and if the policy is current.   You can check for yourself by using the RI Dept. of Labor Workers Comp. Fraud Database available online by clicking here and then clicking the box that says "Employer's Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage Verification". 

Rhode Island law states that any employer with 1 or more employees must have a valid Workers Comp. insurance policy in place.