Before and After Photos

A Really Bad Rental

Before and an almost after photo of a real dirty bathroom we worked on! This home was a rental and 2 other cleaning services walked out on the landlord when they saw the mess. Not us. We rolled up our sleeves and got right to work!  The landlord was extremely pleased with the work that was done. He mentioned that the home would need some renovation before being rented out again but at least it was clean enough to safely work in now. 

Hardwater Stains

A before and after shot of a toilet we "saved" last week during a first time basic cleaning. This toilet had some of the worst hard water stains and calcium deposits we've ever seen. The "before" picture was taken after several attempts to get it clean using just a pumice stone (it was MUCH worse than the picture shows) Even after several soaks in Lime-Away cleanser, and scrubbing again with a pumice stone, some deposits still remained on the rim. Applying Lime-Away and allowing it to sit overnight will get the rest off.

" I have had other cleaning services over the years, but no one cleaned like these ladies. My house has NEVER been this clean. The results were truly amazing. They left nothing untouched. I don't think I had one molecule of dirt here when they were done. They were pleasant, professional and extremely hard-working. I couldn't have asked for more"
Edith S.