Cleaning Services Offered

Basic Cleaning

Our basic cleaning services can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, or, if you prefer, as a one-time basic cleaning.

Putting your home on a regular scheduled cleaning schedule can help your home stay tidy while giving you one less thing to worry about. Unlike some other maid services, we do not require you to purchase a deep cleaning before signing up for basic cleaning services. Our basic cleaning services can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, or, if you prefer, as a one-time cleaning.

Our basic cleaning rates are discounted if you schedule your cleanings on a recurring basis.

Deep or Move-in/out Cleaning

We offer deep “fall/spring” type cleaning services that include washing walls and woodwork. This type of cleaning is usually a good way to start if you are looking to start on a basic
cleaning schedule and your home has not had a good fall or spring cleaning in a while.

We also offer move-in/out cleaning services.

Move in/Move out cleaning services are perfect for getting your new home ready for move-in day or cleaning up the home for the new owners or tenants after you have moved out.
Sometimes referred to as “turn cleaning”.

We clean many area beach homes and Airbnb’s

Light Commercial Cleaning

Along with residential cleaning services we also provide light commercial cleaning to offices in RI and MA.

Our current commercial clients include small offices, nonprofit organizations, accountants, hair salons, yoga studios, karate studios, a software company, a sound company and various manufacturers.

Light commercial cleaning  includes basic cleaning tasks such as vacuuming and washing floors, vacuuming carpets, restroom cleaning, dusting surfaces, washing interior glass, emptying waste baskets, cleaning break-rooms and other tasks needed to keep work areas clean.  



Our Basic Cleaning service includes:

– Bathroom surfaces cleaned and sanitized

– Kitchen surfaces cleaned including outside of all appliances, cabinets and inside of the microwave. Cabinet faces are fully cleaned and not just “spot cleaned”

– All floors and stairs vacuumed including under the beds

– Vinyl, tiled and wood floors washed

– Dusting of all woodwork, baseboards, casings and sills

– Dusting and Polishing of all furniture

– Spot cleaning windows

– Washing of inside of all glass doors including sliders

– Empty trash containers and replace liners

– Dusting of ceiling fans

– Kitchen and bathroom floors are washed the old-fashioned way…by hand!

– Bed sheets and duvets can be stripped and changed for an additional charge. 

Our staff work from a 75-point checklist, making our cleaning services the most comprehensive you can buy. 


Our Deep or Move-in/out cleaning service includes:

– Basic cleaning tasks PLUS:

– Washing woodwork, casings and sills including baseboards

– Washing walls (deep cleaning only) Fully washed from top to bottom not just “spot cleaned” 

– Washing inside and outside of all cabinets and drawers in the bathroom and kitchen (move-in/out only). Cabinet faces are fully washed and not just “spot cleaned”

– Cleaning inside of all closets (move-in/out only)

– Washing interior windows and tracks that can be reached with a 3 ft ladder

– Moving all movable furniture to clean underneath and behind*

Note: Walls can be washed during a move-in/move-out cleaning at an additional cost. 

 *We cannot move furniture with electronics on them nor do we move any electronic equipment. We cannot move furniture or appliances that we believe may scratch or damage flooring due to liability reasons. We do not move cribs or other furniture that we feel may be damaged while being moved.  If we cannot move a piece of furniture, we will ask you to move it for us so that we can clean behind/underneath it. 

 Note: Due to insurance restrictions, our staff cannot climb ladders taller than 3 feet.

Next Steps…

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"Never had anyone come in and clean my house before today. I am so impressed with the ladies that were here... My house is cleaner than it has ever been. I am even more shocked that they changed all the beddings. Thank you for doing a job well done. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends. You are very much appreciated! YAY, I am dust free!"
Jennifer G.
North Kingstown